Cool and Crisp and Clear.

These are our gorgeous fall mornings.

As I walk through the garden early morning I see the light as it reveals the slight changes occurring each day as the new season progresses. Some leaves already turning  amber,  green leaves beginning to take on a different hue, and all have a more transparent quality. I bring some indoors.

Indoors, I notice the light as it appears to catch particular areas.  Take a walk and find those areas in your house.  You can  then enhance the glow by adding more reflection, a gilt mirror, lovely crystal candleabra and your silver tea set on the dining room buffet.  Add the garden you’ve brought inside. In a more contemporary setting you can use sleek  silver or crystal tall candle holders, and a modern shaped vase or large crystal bowl.

Near a window, on a table,  you can add the last faded roses in a crystal vase, or a single drying oak hydrangea branch or even a fresh green oak leaved one that may have fallen to the ground as the squirrels madly pursue their fall stock. The key is to add sparkle to reflect more light and add contrasting textures by bringing the garden indoors.



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