Ten Good Reasons!

Ten Good Reasons!

Here are ten:

1.  Problem Solving – an interior designer is an expert in space planning, color, scale and light.  And that particular problem that plagues you.

2.  Avoiding Mistakes – this is a big one, mistakes are expensive. Designers have the experience to know what will work the first time.

3. Resources – access “to the trade” sources, as well as myriads of others, and the ability  to choose from unlimited selections to know which are best for you.

4. Rolodex – maybe not in rolodex anymore, but all the people to execute the project. Workrooms, contractors, carpenters and the rest. Takes years of experience to gather these.

5. Guidance – throughout the decision making process. Arriving at the aha moment when it clicks for you!

6. Timeless Design – the ability to incorporate the trends in a way that that will never look dated.

7. Priorities – helping to set them for the short and  long term

8. Marriage Counselor – small joke – but can help partners with different views arrive at a good solution that both are happy with.

9. Advocate – working with the tradespeople to execute your project to get the best possible result. Years of relationships come into play here.

10. Recipe – your ” instituional history”, the ability to add, redo, make changes that will always work with your original design.


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