How does the process begin?

Interior Design for me is a process that begins with listening. What does the client need, want, think, feel about their project. Just as important is what they don’t want, and are not comfortable with.

I feel my job is to bring them enough of a selection that they have choices to make and are very much part of the collaboration. And then to add just the right amount of pop, whimsy and/or the unexpected that will take the project beyond their expectations.

When presenting to a client it is not unusual for them to say, “Well, I would never have thought of that” as though there might be a problem. And my response is to explain, that is just what we’re aiming for, something different, unique and a step further than the client would think of themselves. For what else is a designer for!

Ultimately the finished project will look just like the client, the very best of that client. That should always be the result.

The process continues.


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