collectingWhere in the world are you collecting?

Some people are happy with one of a thing, then there are the others, who find that one leads to many because there is something interesting and unique about each one, and let’s face it, just can’t have too many. Like my collection of globes, started with one at my Flea Mkt, circa 1950. Loved finding the countries whose names have changed and dating the globes. Then there were so many changes and so many countries and there you are. Or there they are, sitting atop my bound collections of Gourmet magazines. And the collection spills over into my library where there are several more.

And the Gourmets are a collection too. I use them stacked as small tables and as pedestals for globes of course.  I also have collections of blue and white plates, and ceramic pieces most from England but also from many countries I have traveled.  And Burmese offering bowls from my trips to Burma. And mismatched china settings that complement each other but are not the same. And  antique sterling silver topped dressing table jars. And victorian crystal celery jar. And old silver flatware which I keep in celery jars on my counter and use every day.

If you would like to start a collection, find something that appeals, all white stoneware pitchers, maps of places you’ve been (easy to travel with) anything you like or already have few of. Massing them in one place makes them more interesting and then you can add at your leisure. Can be pieces all the same color like or all the same genre like teapots or hotel silver. And don’t forget to use them. That’s the best way to enjoy and appreciate them.


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