work with designerWhy work with an interior designer?

One would wonder why it would be wise or necessary to work with a designer. After all, there is a proliferation of how to do it your self shows on t v from design to antiquing, 24/7 you can watch and find the tips and tricks to do it on your own. The online options are also limitless. You can research it on your own, order it on your own and  pay less for it on your own. Simple, and I will say if you have the time to create a floorplan and  research and order and schedule and manage the deliveries and of course the vision and the taste then you can certainly do it on your own. However most people fare better  having an expert to do all that for them. In this case it is the interior designer, and what she does day in an day out, and has amassed  the knowledge, education, resources and of course the vision, taste level and creativity to create a splendid result for you.

And yes, it is expensive but like any worthy endeavor it is an investment. And will give you years of function, beauty and pleasure. Mistakes are expensive and difficult to rectify. All too often I am called after the mistake has been made. The family room additon that doesn’t have the perfect wall for the television is an extreme but true story. More often are the paint colors or wallcoverings that aren’t what one hoped, too subtle or worse too garish. Furniture out of scale and fabrics not as pretty as the small swatch they saw.Getting the skilled workrooms and craftspeople to do the work  is also difficult  and designers spend years searching for and  keeping the best skilled resources in their folders. Overwhelming for the person doing it on a one time basis.

As for the vision, I listen to my clients needs and hopes and dreams, narrow down the choices and bring them the best choices for their project. One doesn’t need to see 359 choices of  paint colors, fabrics, or window treatments  just the best choices for them. Then there is the WOW factor, clients often say, “Wow, I would have never thought of that”  and I say , “Great because why would you want me to show you exactly what you would have thought of.”  And the final product is always WOW, with a room that is functional, elegant, comfortable and inviting. A wonderful color palette, beautiful and interesting pieces, fabulous accessories and alway a pop of the unexpected. WOW


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