Serendipity, “happy accident” “pleasant surprise”, to my mind goes hand in hand with Instinct and Inspiration. It’s the moment when you’re working on a design project and suddenly it all comes together. The moment when the design process jells with the the plan, the inspiration and the instincts you’ve used to create a space. Here an antique wing chair gets a new fabric of the tiniest black and white check and then finds a home in this corner of my library. Works as a neutral with the botanical print Roman shade, and the colorful handpainted Tibetan chest, on one side custom bookshelves we designed and inserted the antique round window from an old house. On the shelves is the reproduction bust hand carried from Athens, and other the travel finds, plus old old worn painted finials, collected books and paintings and a dictionary and stand placed for easy perusal. Window sill and chest serve as display for Burmese offering bowls and Asian boxes, some collected in Burma and others at local flea markets. And finally against the cabinet doors lean 2 black and white photos of the Washington National Cathedral given to us as a gift, but had no place for a long time until suddenly, serendipitously placed there leaning against the doors and the corner is complete.


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