italyWe spent a wonderful month in Vernasca, Italy.

Off the beaten path, just Italians and 2 Americanos. Our house on the square, where daily life took place. Each morning we would see the Apennines from our window, still green since the blazing sun was late in arriving after long long rains. Beginning the day with our morning walk, up and down the hill roads and then to our trattoria for cappuccino and croissant. Walks got shorter as the days went on and cappuccino time grew longer. Tuesday was market day, each day a market in a different town. The size of market depending on size of town. Ours small but always mouth watering fruits and vegetables, a cheese/salami truck and  rotisserie chicken truck as well. Tables with some clothes, shoes and home goods. Packed up and gone by early afternoon. We explored the local hill towns and their markets, none exactly close due to the winding roads through the hills. Some days further on to larger cities exploring noting their architecture and fabulous medieval towers and churches. And always the food. Filled pastas always home made, light sauces, none tomato based, platters of Tuscan melon, our cantaloupe and prosciutto, and an array of local salamis.

After our townfolk got used to the idea of Americanos, and how and why we would ever end up there, we became part of the fabric of the community with not much Italian or English among us. Festivities on the weekends, most memorable the Silver Flag hill races. This year honoring the Italian cars of the fifties. The highlight when they parked these priceless vintage cars in the square for all to see closely at heart’s content. Fascinating. Also a biker exhibition race, all Harley Davidsons, and bands, and puppet shows, and wine festivals. In surrounding towns much the same.

How could a month of relaxing, driving, eating, exploring have gone so fast. It did and we are looking forward to next summer. Will stay longer if possible.


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