inspirationChair as inspiration.

In the creative process, included are inspiration, instinct and serendipity. At least for me. This small, vintage boudoir chair for example, I found in the trash many years ago,  brought it home in the dead of night with my young daughter’s help, mulled over its adorableness for awhile,  despite circa 1930′s ripped vinyl cover  and skirt, and ultimately refurbished, recovered and a new life.  And it further spawned the idea of finding more of these old chairs and  that began the search that resulted in  the collection. Love the size, small scale yet comfortable, loved the possibilities, works in any room in particular the kitchen where a little chair is great for the cook and the company. And found the design options unlimited depending on its ulitmate setting. Skirted, pleated small or large, gathered or not. Or simply upholstered  legs as this one. Now this was not totally planned, using fabric bits I kept running out of fabric, so different fabric for cushion, which happened to be down, so just fluffed up with a bit more, but then not enough of either for skirt or welting, so used the original to upholster the legs and the cushion fabric for welting. Eliminating the skirt in the process and loved the result. The fabrics are sturdy enough for everyday wear, a cut velvet and an ultra suede and considered in the process for its ultimate use.  A small orangey silk neck pillow from Bangkok just fit the bill or seat. I keep a small collection in my inventory and have several . all different stlyes and details throughout my house, plain or fancy, alone or in pairs. And I use them for clients, again as the extra seat to pull up to the coffee table or alone in a very small place that immediately becomes more inviting like the small entry or powder room. Since I love chairs I find with these I can always add just one more. Inspiration can come from anywhere including the trash. Stay tuned for instinct and serendipity which always play their role.


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