Go Green with Christina Haire Interior Design

Going Green while eminently necessary and important can seem daunting. A few simple things to keep in mind will have you making a difference.

Soft Furnishings – When purchasing sofas, chairs, beds etc. Buy the best you can afford. Kiln dried frames with hand tied springs will last as long as you would like them to. Can be reupholstered and refurbished but don’t ever have to go to the dump.

Save a Tree – Buy an antique. Again something that lasts, gets better with age and has personality and provenance.

Plant that Tree – you saved, outdoors in your garden, on your balcony, evergreens give year round pleasure but then so do the bare winter branches. Indoors a tree, like a ficus will give your room scale and year round green and provide much needed humidity  to your winter rooms.

Recycle Refurbish Reuse – I love collecting and using vintage linens from tea towels for the powder room, to oversize “buffet” napkins for dinner parties to beautiful old linen sheets. Embroidered initials a bonus even if there not yours.


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