During our month of days in Italy we literally stumbled on this lovely restaurant on Sirmione. An old castle town on a peninsula jutting out into Lake Guarda, with a view of the lake on both sides. We were walking along the old cobbled streets when we spied this niche in the ancient stone wall that was in fact the entrance to this splendid terrace. First impression is the very white of the terrace, against the very azure blue of the lake.  Detailed with crisp white umbrellas shielding tables multi layered in white linen cloths and  large white napkins to fill one’s lap.  White white railings and lanterns, even the floor was white marble. And so the setting for a most beautiful and delicious lunch and lovely wines.

Each course as well as each complimentary course was exquisitely presented on or with lovely old Italian silver plate,  not only the salt and pepper shakers but the bread baskets and tiny silver egg cups filled with a delicate whoosh of creamy cheese and tiny spoon on a silver tray. The final swoon was the coffee served and a silver tray presented with 4, yes four silver sugar bowls, each containing a different kind of sugar.

As I always say, presentation is king, it makes every meal a special occasion and great fun to collect the odd pieces and put it together on your table. With the sea salt craze now reaching its zenith, I’m serving different kinds of sea salt in different charming bowls collected on my travels. French Quimper, Italian pottery, Asian laquerware and blue/white porcelain for a start.


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