first day of schoolOur Beach House in Wrightsville Beach, NC

Today is the first day of school in our area but just 2 short weeks ago we were enjoying long summer days in our rented house on the beach. For a few years now, we’ve chosen this house for its ramshackle charm, huge front porch, and private sand beach right in front and the gorgeous blue ocean and white sands just beyond our dunes. With our caravan of people driving from Washington DC area, and the equipment we carry with us, from large tent to beach toys we cater to all ages. Memorable days as the August weather changes to allow autumn its appearance.

And today the first day of school which I always think of the year’s beginning remembering my own school days both as student and teacher. Still enjoy gathering freshly sharpened pencils and the black and white composition book to begin new projects and lists.

On my list is Freshening up the garden. Filling in grass seed, feeding plants that will  benefit til frost, and starving the weeds hoping they won’t win. Planting some fall annuals in my front door urns, now running rampant with overgrown coleus at 3 feet high. Who knew? Adding some throws to our comfortable glider on the porch for chilly days and evenings. And making sure plenty of candles for dinners at dusk on the porch. As for the rabbits, I surrender, they eat what they will and are so bold that I understand we are sharing my garden.

On my list is also Freshening up indoors. Always inspired to change arrangements from shells and crystals  to old beaded fruits and gilt fragments for example, on old ironstone white platters or vintage silver trays. Adding pillows always a good way to make a fresh start. I think 22″ square the most versatile but mix them up with some rectangulars and even round. Painting as you know, the biggest bang for your buck. Choose a room and give it a jewel tone, dining room for romance, or powder room for drama. Or go white, where you’ve always had color. And change the accessories accordingly. Don’t forget your front door. On a larger scale if you’re thinking of renovating a kitchen, bathroom or powder room, now is the time to meet with your designer and bring your wish list, your heart’s desire, your ultimate fantasy,  and then you two can get down to work and see how you can incorporate as much of these as possible and make the most of  your space.  Beauty and Function go hand in hand.

Use your sharpened pencils and copy book to begin those lists and have a head start on the holidays


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