My Dream Range

And I do cook, and entertain, and my kitchen works for me. As promised here are some of my personal choices. All appliances are brushed stainless, a nice soft finish. Ihe largest refrigerator that fits in my challenging space, it could always be larger of course, but it works. It is counter depth and  that is the best aesthetically and for the space. Above is a custom cabinet designed for cookie sheets, large platters and trays. Side by side, while not the maximum use of space, opens easily with room to spare. One easy move provides a landing space on the island. My professional home range/stove is my dream, smaller in scale by Dacor,  only 30″ wide but the top is 4 gas burners that almost cover the surface, and a large enough electric oven that bakes and roasts to perfection. Above the range is a combination microwave with a powerful exhaust built into the bottom that takes care of those challenges in one easy piece. Range has a heat resistant landing space on either side. Dishwasher is oh so quiet, barely a hum, a Bosch. and the sink is just to the right for easy loading. Sink is deep with one  easy lever on the high faucet that also is a removable hose/spray.

In a small space between kitchen/breakfast room/conservatory is a tiny vintage porch nesting table that holds my laptop (underneath are 3 bound books of Gourmets to raise the height) and one of my many diminutive vintage boudoir chairs with a down cushion for looking up recipes. A good source is and/or Mark Bittman.


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