Marble Island

Seems obvious doesn’t it, but research shows that people aren’t cooking in their kitchens anymore. Great huge kitchens with the latest appliances, even more than one  of refrigerator, sink, oven etc but not cooking. How crazy is that?

Some things I love about my adequate but spatially challenged  kitchen due to many openings, are the following. Stainless appliances and white wooden cabinets, which are timeless. Some cabinets have glass to reflect light and interesting collections, like silver plate hotel ware. Counter tops that are of non trendy corian in a soft white that is impermeable and lasts forever, with a white marble island that I love and you will too if you are not obsessive about having it as pristine and unmarked as the day it was born. Wooden floors that are beautiful and easy on the back and can be waterproofed for daily wear and tear. I’ve added small antique Tibetan rugs from my travels. Recessed lighting plus an antique French chandelier over the island, under cabinet lighting and a self- lit globe on one counter to keep me traveling. To be continued.


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