autumnAutumn Accents

Accessories are the jewelry of interior design . So too are the flower arrangements and accents that we choose for each season. Fall is ripe with opportunities as the season unfolds and brings in the holidays. From my garden I bring in a huge bouquet of limelight hydrangeas, their wonderful shape and color remain throughout  the season . You can also buy them at your local market or flower shop. A nice contrast  mixed in a rather formal arrangement on my sideboard in a birch bark container , aside silver  dome and cake basket and blue and white. Also great in a tall basket in your entry way,  family room, library, even your bedroom in an old ceramic water pitcher. Accents are the seasonal fare, of course the usual pumpkins and gourds but can also be a container of dried lemons, either whole or halved. Dry out by themselves as long as they can get some air. Once dried, (doesn’t take too long) put them in a big basket/bowl by themselves or filling a glass container. Or combine them with some pinecones, colorful fall leaves and candles. Use your imagination and forage for the bits that will make it interesting, unusual and pleasing.  Fill a platter with different size candle pillars (unscented on dining tables), ivory or maybe black for drama, and let them melt and run over puddling onto the platter for a changing arrangement. I keep an “inventory” of  twig bundles wrapped in twine, lichen and moss balls, dried pomegranates and artichokes, colored glass balls, smooth rocks etc. and bring out each season’s  huge plastic container for a limitless supply and a constantly changing “landscape”.


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