IMG_1817Our 45 Star Flag!

And what a celebration we had! Our Brazilian daughter in law became an American citizen and we provided all the pomp and circumstance we could muster. Our 45 star flag adorned the front of our house, and a bit of history here, the 45th state was Utah in 1896 and the 46th was Oklahoma in 1907, which dates our flag between those years. Found it many many years ago at a local Thrift Shop. I believe it was from a ship, has the captain’s name on it and is all wool and as you can see gigantic. Hangs for all our holidays and though a bit faded and worn still valiantly covering our front door.

But back to celebration, we hosted over 50 people in our garden including 19 children. Patriotic hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled veggies, black bean salad and delicious chicken/potato salad and cheese puffs of Brazilian fame on the menu.  And of course rippled potato chips, my favorite always. Homemade desserts and popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and watermelon completed our feast.

For garden parties we use an antique 8ft pine farm table from West Virginia and accompanying church pew as our buffet, (kept in our garage for such) adorned with another collection of about 45 vintage flags as bouquet  and  a vintage pitcher filled with black eyed susans, our Maryland state flower. A vintage globe from another collection as well added to the mix,  since we are world travelers. Huge old white ironstone platters held our feast, and red, white and blue dinnerware. Smaller tables and lots of mismatched chairs were set out for seating. Lots more seating on our porch.

After dark, under the stars and candlelight we hosted a trivia event using the 100 American history questions necessary to learn, in order to pass citizenship test. Pennies were handed out to the winner of each question. The children did so well!

Despite the typical summer Washington heat and humidity we feasted and celebrated and enjoyed our citizenship!


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