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Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. The most inclusive, the most American, the most traditionally food oriented. And of course the decorations make the holiday more festive Here are 10 ideas of things you can do to make your Thanksgiving wonderful and welcoming:

1. Our sideboard in the picture above already had an autumn bouquet of dried hydrangeas. I added some dried pumpkin shaped gourds, including one that fills an antique cake basket, a feather adorned turkey and some gilt leaves.

2. “Gild” some or all of your dried gourds, pumpkins  and/or fresh fruit by spraying them with gold metallic spray and adding them to your table centerpiece.Place them in a giant bowl, on a silver tray and/or place an individually gilt bosc pear on each plate.

3. Have the gourds and fruits spill down the  length of the table in a free form. Add some dried berry branches twisting among the fruits. Acorns, pinecones, dried pods, and twig bundles can be included.

4. Add candles:  tall candleabra filled with beeswax tapers (we roll our own), pillar candles, different sizes, in white or gold,  and/or votive lights mixed into centerpiece. The more the merrier and keep for next holiday.

5. Make a “cabbage rose centerpiece”. Use an ornamental freshcabbage and insert, among the leaves,  tiny vases or best, floral vials and fill with individual roses. White are luscious but could be peachy or salmon tones. Place on a tray, basket or platter and surround with fresh greens and votive candles.

6. Thanksgiving is the time for each person to feel special. Add name cards, a foil covered chocolate turkey at each place. The children will be thrilled and so too the adults. And let’s not forget the children’s art work. The pinecone turkeys, construction paper pilgrims and hats should all have place of honor.

7. Gather a huge bouquet of colorful leaves. Fill a tall basket, a glass vase, or a ceramic vase to add color to the entry, the sideboard or living room.

8. Fill a basket, vase as above with tall bare sticks. Pack them closely for a big effect. Then add twinkly lights and a few tiny ornaments for Christmas.

9. Bring out your best white linen tablecloth and the largest napkins you have and best china, silver to set the table. Add wine and water glasses, soup spoons for the first course (I like to use the inexpensive Chinese ceramic spoons). Feel free to mix and match, make the table settings complimentary if not the same. Some colored glasses mixed with clear, gold rimmed dinner plates, with plain and florals.

10. Light a bonfire. Yes! At our local store we  buy a fat log ready to be lit for a ready to go personal bonfire. After dinner and the long repast, bring your cups of mulled cider and hot cocoa outside and gather round the fire. Marshmallows can be included for those with an ounce of room.


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